The Sydney Harbour Catchment Water Quality Improvement Plan is the first environmental management plan to encompass the whole of Sydney Harbour’s catchment as well as the waterways and provides the first coordinated management framework for the 25 local councils, 11 state government agencies and 2 federal government agencies, who have a stake in improving the future health of Sydney Harbour and its catchments.

The Sydney Harbour Water Quality Decision Support System 


  • An evaluation of ecological responses of the estuary to changes in management options and land use;

  • Detailed spatial representation of management options, catchment and estuary water quality and ecological impacts (where detailed modelling is available); and

  • Probability distribution of impacts on any social or ecological indicator of interest for lumped spatial areas, including those where only limited data, such as expert opinion or workshop output, is available.


The DSS has been used to develop Three Bays Precinct Water Quality Strategy and to assist the development of the Parramatta River Masterplan.


Copies of the DSS software, models and tutorials is available by contacting Dr Freewater – email: