Marine and freshwater wetlands


Coastal and inland wetlands are major sinks for a variety of anthropogenic waste products. Hydro-Ecology has particular expertise in:

  • Flora and fauna surveys

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Mangrove and saltmarsh ecology

  • Saltmarsh and mangrove rehabilitation

  • Stream bank and riparian remediation

  • Freshwater Wetland Plans of Management

  • Floodplain forest ecology and management

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design to protect wetlands

  • Constructed wetlands

  • Water quality modelling and monitoring

Coastal and estuarine research and management

The integrated management of coastal catchments and environments is a speciality of Hydro-Ecology:

  • Coastal Management Plans

  • Estuarine ecological studies

  • Habitat surveys

  • Environmental Impact Studies 

  • Flora and fauna surveys/studies

  • Ecotoxicology

  • Sediment and water quality analyses

  • Hydrological and hydrodynamic modelling

  • Ecological modelling

  • Riparian and foreshore assessment, rehabilitation and management

  • Catchment and stormwater modelling

Environmental Education


Hydro-Ecology have trained educators and can design and deliver a variety of educational seminars and resources:


  • Guided wetland and coastal walks 

  • Ecological experimental design

  • Statistical design

  • Marine biology

  • Marine ecology

  • Environmental Management Planning

  • Water management

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design

  • Dune remediation and management

  • Coastal planning

  • Coastal Management