Marine and freshwater wetlands


Coastal and inland wetlands are major sinks for a variety of anthropogenic waste products. Hydro-Ecology has particular expertise in:

  • Flora and fauna surveys

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Mangrove and saltmarsh ecology

  • Saltmarsh and mangrove rehabilitation

  • Stream bank and riparian remediation

  • Freshwater Wetland Plans of Management

  • Floodplain forest ecology and management

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design to protect wetlands

  • Constructed wetlands

  • Water quality modelling and monitoring

Coastal and estuarine research and management

The integrated management of coastal catchments and environments is a speciality of Hydro-Ecology:

  • Coastal Management Plans

  • Estuarine ecological studies

  • Habitat surveys

  • Environmental Impact Studies 

  • Flora and fauna surveys/studies

  • Ecotoxicology

  • Sediment and water quality analyses

  • Hydrological and hydrodynamic modelling

  • Ecological modelling

  • Riparian and foreshore assessment, rehabilitation and management

  • Catchment and stormwater modelling

Environmental Education


Hydro-Ecology have trained educators and can design and deliver a variety of educational seminars and resources:


  • Guided wetland and coastal walks 

  • Ecological experimental design

  • Statistical design

  • Marine biology

  • Marine ecology

  • Environmental Management Planning

  • Water management

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design

  • Dune remediation and management

  • Coastal planning

  • Coastal Management 


Hydro-Ecology is an environmental consultancy specialising in coastal and estuarine environments.

We are Australian owned and operated with proceeds from profits supporting marine conservation. We have been serving coastal communities, governments and industry since 2008.


45 Horsfield Rd

Horsfield Bay

NSW 2256

P: (02) 4342 0647

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